5 reasons to embrace a menu-driven sales deck

Menu-driven sales decks are one of the most dynamic, flexible and interactive ways you can pitch to your prospects.

You might have heard about them, but wondered what they are and how they work.

What is a menu-driven sales deck?

A menu-driven presentation is a PowerPoint presentation that’s built around an interactive menu system. It’s written, designed and built in a way that is more flexible than a traditional PowerPoint deck, allowing you to move between different sections with ease. This enables you to really tailor each pitch to your prospects and have conversation-led sales meetings.

menu-driven sales deck

But that’s not that all. Here are 5 reasons to embrace a menu-driven sales deck to impress and convert your prospects.

1) A menu-driven sales deck is More flexible

A non-linear, menu-driven sales deck provides the ultimate flexibility by removing the rigid structure of a traditional, slide-by-slide presentation deck. In a sales presentation, this means you can pick and choose which sections of the deck you present each time.

Crucially, this allows you to discuss all the appropriate and relevant information your prospect wants to hear in your pitch.

If during your pitch your prospect expresses a particular interest in a certain area, product feature or story,  a menu-driven deck allows you to quickly move to that section, without you having to click through 20 or more slides to move back and forth. If your prospect then wants to find out more about something else, such as your company history or team, you can easily move to that section, and so on. It’s a simple navigation click, rather than scrolling through to get to the right place.

You can build every pitch around each prospect, much quicker.

2) These presentations enable powerful conversation-led selling  

Conversation-led selling is one of the most effective ways to sell, and a menu-driven sales deck makes it easy to adopt. This approach completely changes the dynamic of a sales conversation, transforming a lecture-style pitch into an interactive and engaging discussion between you and your prospect.

A conversation-led sales pitch starts with identifying your prospect’s pain points and challenges. This gives your prospect an opportunity to recognise themselves in your pitch and positions you as a credible expert. Then, you can build your entire pitch around how you can solve those challenges.

conversation led selling


A menu-driven sales deck makes this process easy. It allows you to select and discuss the areas that are most relevant to your prospect, directly addressing their pain points. This will help you to achieve better results in each pitch by allowing you to better introduce your product as a solution to each prospect’s problems.

3) It’s more interesting for you and your prospects

No one can argue that a non-linear, menu-driven sales presentation is more interesting and engaging than a traditional PowerPoint. The conversational nature encouraged by a menu-driven deck allows your prospect to be more involved in the presentation. Its flexibility ensures they will only hear information that is totally relevant to their situation.

This means your prospect with never have to sit through pointless introductions or testimonials that won’t be of interest to them, giving you more time  to talk about what they want and need to hear. This will make the entire sales conversation more interesting, productive and effective, for both you and your potential client.

4) It makes you look more professional

In any presentation situation, frantically skipping through slides or jumping back and forth from section to section can look a little disorganised, and it’s distracting.

In a sales conversation, when you are trying to build credibility and trust, it’s important to project yourself in the most professional way. A menu-driven sales deck completely removes the need to click through your slides while you find the relevant section. This will help you be more organised and make a good impression.

5) It’s more practical and cost effective

A menu-driven sales deck contains all the information you could possibly want to discuss in your pitches, and more. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

This means that the same deck can be used in a huge variety of different sales situations, ranging from one-on-one pitches, to product launches, events and more. So, you can build one single, comprehensive deck that your whole company will use, removing the need to waste time (and money) creating a new presentation every time.

And, this way, you can ensure your entire team is presenting with the same, branded sales deck. That will certainly keep your marketing and branding teams happy too.

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