5 Great PowerPoint Add-ins

5 Great PowerPoint Add-ins

As soon as it hits your hard drive, Microsoft’s PowerPoint features everything you need to build an awesome presentation. However, although all the standard tools are included, allowing you to get started right away, PowerPoint can be further customised with add-ins.

What is an add-in? Well, for many people add-ins are something they’ll never really need to use when creating presentations in PowerPoint. For more advanced designers and presenters, these little downloadable extras add new and specific functionality that reduce work times and automate certain tasks.

From an add-in that keeps objects in alignment on screen, to another that sends your speaker notes to a real human proofreader, add-ins can be very useful. Even if you’ve never thought about sifting through the web to find some, it’s possible there is a PowerPoint add-in for you.

The following are a mixed bag, intended to catch the eyes of different kinds of presentation makers. For details of how you can search Microsoft’s add-in store, and how to download them to PowerPoint, check out this article.

Adobe Stock

Those of us with an Adobe account for the likes of PhotoShop and Illustrator, this add-in is great. No decent PowerPoint designer worth their salt would forget to include high-res and engaging images in a slide deck. With the Adobe Stock add-in installed, doing so is now even easier.

Browse hundreds of thousands of high quality images (Adobe boast that they add 50,000 each day!) and download what you need. You can search for various genres and content, and Adobe are also giving away ten free images when you sign up for the 30 day free trial.

If you use lots of images in your PowerPoint presentations, and need quick and easy access to them, get it now.

PP Timer

Not an add-in that will improve your slide design, or help you build your presentation. Instead, PP Timer is a working countdown clock that can be inserted into your deck like any other slide. One tap of your mouse, keyboard, or remote and it will start ticking down.

PP Timer could be useful for parts of your presentation that are interactive. Say you’re presenting to a tight time limit (who isn’t?), but have a section where your audience needs to chat and ask questions. With the timer on the screen behind, you can manage that time and show others how much time remains.

Perfect for those presenters who don’t always give standard slide-by slide PowerPoint presentations, you can find it here.


This add-in brings dozens of new features to PowerPoint (as well as Excel and Word). With Power-user, you can access a super-rich library of 500 PowerPoint templates, 6000 icons, 1m+ pictures, 250 editable maps and more. Even better, this versatile library can be easily customised to integrate your own corporate assets.

On top of this, Power-user brings many powerful tools that are useful to boost your productivity on PowerPoint. For instance, you can create unbreakable links between Excel and PowerPoint, build agenda pages automatically, clean your deck all at once, create Gantt charts and more.

This add-in is perfect for presenters spending a lot of time preparing presentations and in need of an all-in-one solution to work better and faster. Power-user can be found here.

The Noun Project

Just like great images, great icons and symbols can make or break your presentation. Finding decent icons packages – ones that suit your design aesthetic – can be tricky. Fortunately The Noun Project that help with that.

This add-in makes searching for and downloading good icons pack a cinch. Just as with the project’s website, the add-in allows designers to quickly search for and grab what they require. With a free account you get 100 icons, or for a yearly subscription you get access to thousands and thousands of the little blighters.

Making any design process fast and convenient is good with us, so check it out if you think you could do with it.

PowerPoint Labs

This add-in is a feature-packed little powerhouse. It has been designed for those presenters who want to make quick, yet impressive, improvements to their slides, but who might lack a developer’s know-how.

Highlight points with different colours as you click on them, tweak the positions of tables and images, crop and snip photos, and so much more. With just a few adjustments, PowerPoint Labs can vastly improve the look of your deck.

Presenters in need a quick fix add-in should grab it right now – and it’s free.


One thing a regular user of PowerPoint will appreciate, is the sheer amount of stuff you end up collecting. Images, videos, icons, charts, shapes… they soon stack up and can be an increasing pain to access quickly. ShapeChef solves that problem.

Essentially a customisable asset tray, ShapeChef allows the user to gather related content together and label them appropriately. Then, when you need something, it’s right where it should be – all accessed directly via the sidebar in PowerPoint.

A useful add-in for PowerPoint for those of who work with lots of different kinds of assets, you can download it right here.

Those five are ones that have recently caught our collective eye, and hopefully will prove useful to some of you. However, there are thousands out there, all great for for specific tasks in PowerPoint, so get out there and browse.

As many of those add-in recommendations deal with imagery for your presentation, you might want to check out this blog post about what kind of images you should be using in PowerPoint.

Need help with your presentation? Get in touch with us. Our expert design team will work closely with you to create a PowerPoint deck that will smash your audience’s expectations.