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18 March 2019

5 PowerPoint productivity cheats

PowerPoint is THE presentation design tool. Everything you need to produce an engaging presentation can be […]

6 March 2019

5 Great PowerPoint Add-ins

5 Great PowerPoint Add-ins As soon as it hits your hard drive, Microsoft’s PowerPoint features everything […]

21 February 2019

Adding Transitions to PowerPoint – New video tutorial

You’ve built your amazing PowerPoint presentation, and you’re all set with what you’re saying. But, have […]

18 February 2019

PowerPoint Vs Keynote. FIGHT!

Think presentation software, and you might automatically think PowerPoint. Microsoft’s decades old presenting tool has been […]

11 February 2019

PowerPointers – F5’s new video tutorial series

Here at F5 Presentations we spend all day every day doing incredible things with PowerPoint. A […]

6 February 2019

What images to use in PowerPoint

Imagery is a vital part of any storytelling process. So when it comes to selecting the […]

8 January 2019

Bandersnatch and PowerPoint

Black Mirror’s latest instalment is a creep-fest called Bandersnatch… and it has a lot more in […]

3 January 2019

Get the most out of PowerPoint

Get the most out of PowerPoint Like any piece of computer software, Microsoft’s PowerPoint takes time […]

3 January 2019

Using video in PowerPoint

Using video in PowerPoint Using video in PowerPoint is as easy as adding images. A quick […]