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18 February 2021

How to use timeless storytelling arcs in presentations 

You don’t have to be a film buff or a book worm to notice the similarities […]

22 January 2021

5 of the best storytelling techniques for presentations

Who doesn’t love a good story? They draw us in, trigger emotional responses, keep us entertained, and often […]

18 November 2020

The Ultimate Live Presentation Experience – FP Live

Live presentation experiences are a great new way to engage your employees. You can use them to […]

2 November 2020

How to make presentations more engaging online

There are more business presentations, sales pitches, conferences and meetings taking place online than ever before. But […]

30 September 2020

How do I make my presentations more interesting?

A huge amount of people who sit through presentations at work are left underwhelmed.

14 July 2020

Dress to impress, not distress

Dress to impress, not distress  We’d all benefit from a world where people judge us on […]

20 April 2020

Our survey results: The average work presentation isn’t good enough

We commissioned a survey of 2,000 office workers to get an insight into the presentations taking […]