The guide to cocktails & presenting you never knew you needed

Call it old school, but drinking sometimes has its place at work. That might not mean actually cracking open a beer el desko, Ron Burgundy style, but some of the best ideas often occur during a team lunch or after work drinks. And there is some actual science as to why…  

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review found that alcohol actually “enhances creativity, and it turns out, can also improve creative problem-solving.” 

It also breaks down social hierarchical barriers. The quiet, shy member of the team may have the best ideas but lack the confidence to air them in public. So, put them in a situation where they feel confident (a few drinks tend to have that effect on people) and they suddenly find their voice, and maybe solve the problem that’s been bugging you for months! 

So that’s the reasoning behind this post. That, and the fact it’s Wednesday and I can think of little else. So let’s get into it.  


Pre Drinks

The Whiskey Sour 

We’re talking brainstorm, story boarding and general ideas time – the fun bit before you have to actually do the work, and no idea is a bad idea. The perfect cocktail will help get the creative juices flowing without making everyone skip the meeting and head into town!  

The Whiskey Sour is a delight. Jack Daniels (or your favourite bourbon), lemon, sugar and egg-white all blended into a little glass of happiness, perfect to sip slowly – and very moreish. It’s perfect for a good old fashioned ideas session.    

Burning the midnight oil  

The Espresso Martini 

The deck is nailed. You’ve prepped your notes and it’s the evening before the big day. It’s time to rehearse the presentation.  

Enter the Espresso Martini – the perfect drink to keep your energy up as you run through your slides for the 10th time in a row. And it’ll help keep the nerves at bay. Just remember to opt for a decaf version after a few if you plan on getting any sleep. 

Don’t drink and present live 

The Seedlip Martini  


We have come a long way from the 1980s and The Wolf of Wall Street. It isn’t really acceptable to smash several vodka martinis over lunch until one of you passes out, which is probably for the better.  

However, there is a very 2021 solution to this problem. Seedlip has created an alcohol-free spirit which looks and tastes like the real thing. Perfect for events and situations where you need to be on top of your game. 

The Rap Party 

The Porn Star Martini 

The team smashed it out the park, all the hard work paid off and it’s time to celebrate that win. What better way to celebrate a successful day’s work than a table full of cheeky cocktails.  

Passionfruit, vanilla, and a shot of Prosecco all rolled into a tasty little glass of success.  

This modern classic has taken the cocktail world by storm, shooting to the top of the most ordered list from most cocktail menus. If you haven’t tried one, then you need to believe the hype.  

And there we have it, your cocktail menu for success.

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