Conquer your fear of presenting and stage fright – Skills video

Stage fright is a real problem to overcome for those of us who have to give a presentation.

Standing up in front of an audience to deliver our own words – our own ideas – can be nerve-wracking. And so, in our new Presenting Skills video, we explain the source of that fear and how you can go about overcoming it.

In the first of our new Presenting Skills video series we tackle the big one – stage fright. Fearing having to give a presentation can negatively impact the whole process of writing, designing, and giving your presentation. Feeling apprehensive about about delivering your presentation and telling your story is a real issue for many of us. However, it’s something that everyone has to overcome eventually. You CAN overcome stage fright.

The new video, embedded below, takes on this problem by analysing why we feel stage fright in the first place. It goes on to detail how you can fight those problems by accepting why you feel the fear. Then, what to do to feel more confident. All that, and the video will only take seven minutes of your life – well worth it. Especially if you desperately need to conquer your fear of presenting.

The Presenting Skills video series, which runs alongside our PowerPoint Tutorial videos, will tackle the performance aspect of giving a presentation. From boosting your public speaking confidence, to teaching you how to speak like a leader, the series will be invaluable to regular presenters.

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