Get greater control over your presentations

If you’re giving a presentation and you need to jump to a different slide, there’s no need to frantically click backwards or forwards on your keyboard. With these simple keyboard shortcuts, quickly skipping to a specific slide is easy.  

There are multiple different situations where you might need to skip forward or revert back to a specific slide in your PowerPoint presentation.

Perhaps someone in your audience asks a question, and the information required to answer it is on an earlier slide. Or maybe in a sales presentation, your potential client isn’t interested in hearing about a certain topic, so you need to skip along to the next part.  

Traditionally, these situations would require the presenter to somewhat frantically click through their slides one-by-one to get to the slide they’re looking for

Or, they might need to exit their PowerPoint presentation altogetherlocate the specific slide from the thumbnails on the left, then start the presentation again on the chosen slide.  

Neither of these situations is ideal, particularly when the presentation is being given to people outside of your organisation.  

You can save time skimming through your slides, avoid displaying your carefully planned and thought-out information at the wrong time, and demonstrate your organisation by jumping to a particular slide in your presentation in just a few clicks.  

Here are 2 easy ways to make it happen.  

Jump to any slide with ease 

For smaller presentations, jumping to any slide in your deck is as easy as typing the number of the slide, and pressing Enter. (1)

For example, if you are giving a PowerPoint presentation and you’re asked to pop back to an earlier slide, you can type 3 and press Enter. You will be taken back to that slide immediately, without needing to exit your presentation 

This is an incredibly simple shortcut, and ideal for smaller presentations where you can memorise the key slide numbers.  

A universal solution 

If your presentation has a lot of slides, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to memorise the number of every single one. In these instances, it’s useful to see a full list of your slide titles. 

On a Mac, rightclick anywhere on your current slide, hover over By Title and select the slide you want to jump to by its title or number. (2)  

On a PC, rightclick anywhere on your slide, select See All Slides, and you will be shown thumbnails of all of your slides. Simply click the one you want to show your audience. As easy as that, you will jump straight to your chosen slide. (3)

Gone are the days of frantically clicking through all your slides until you find the one you were actually looking for.  

Get greater control over your presentation   

The ability to jump to any slide in your presentation with ease is useful for a number of reasons.  

It saves time that would otherwise be wasted clicking through your slides one by one. It gives you better control over your presentation by allowing you to choose exactly which slide you want to show, and when. And it helps demonstrate your organisation and knowledge by managing your presentation effectively. 

Enhance your presentation skills by memorising, practicing and making the most of these 2 easy shortcuts. 

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