How to sell more with conversation-led pitches

No two sales pitches are ever the same. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. 

Nowadays, attention spans are shorter than ever, and people are less likely to sit through long-winded, uninspiring sales pitches that aren’t relevant to them.  

However, if those pitches are structured around their specific needs and challenges, you’ll be in with a far better chance of building an emotional connection with your prospect and inspiring them to buy into your message.  

This is why many sales leaders are embracing sales presentations that can be tailored to each prospect and each pitch. Menu-driven sales decks remove the rigid structure of a traditional slide-by-slide PowerPoint, instead allowing the user to select specific sections to jump to from a built-in menu system. 

In a sales situation, this means you can select the parts of the deck that will be of interest to your prospect, ensuring they hear everything they want to hear in the presentation. It allows for a truly conversation-led pitch 

The most versatile sales pitch 

This type of dynamic and flexible type of sales presentation suits Czech brewer Budweiser Budvar perfectly, as their sales team give presentations to a range of different audiences who require different tailored pitches.  

So, they came to us for help creating one.  

Budvar’s salespeople are out on the road constantly, giving presentations to those who will potentially sell their beers, including supermarkets, chain shops, specialist beer retailers and pubs. 

To ensure they’re able to tailor each pitch to the audience, the commercial team require a robust and versatile PowerPoint deck that contains anything and everything their potential customers might want to know.

This is where a menu-driven sales deck can come in useful, as it can include an abundance of information that the potential customer can pick and choose from. With prospects given more control over what is discussed in the pitch, this type of deck allows for a conversational approach to selling that really gets results. 

The ultimate flexibility 

In Budvar’s sales deck, we included all the data and statistics that their salespeople need to make a compelling pitch. But this wouldn’t necessarily make for a really long drawn-out presentation 

Instead, using a custom-built menu, the team can jump from one section to another, responding to their audience’s needs and questions more efficiently.  

Budvar menu slide 1

We divided Budvar’s deck into 2 main sections (Beer and Marketing Support) which were then broken up into subcategories including ‘History & Timeline’, ‘Our beers’ and ‘Incentives’. This allows the sales team to access the information they need in various different scenarios at the drop of a hat.  

If their prospect is a specialist beer retailer who is particularly concerned with how Budvar brew their beer, the salesperson can leap to the ‘How we brew’ section of the deck with the click of a button.  

If their prospect is a supermarket buyer who is more concerned with the products’ packaging, they can jump to the ‘Packaging update’ section.  

Budvar menu slide 2

Interactive menu systems take away the need to frantically click through slides to get to the relevant section, or to discuss irrelevant details just because you feel you have toInstead, they encourage you to engage in a mutually beneficial sales conversation that helps you build a connection with your prospect and make the sale. 

Menu-driven sales decks are one of the most dynamic and flexible ways to pitch. 

A sales deck that evolves with you 

Budvar need their sales presentation to be easily editable so their team can tailor it to individual audiences, and update key information as and when.  


We kept this is mind when building the deck, ensuring the presentation is easy to edit. This allows the Budvar team to add further information and new key slides as time goes on, meaning the deck is completely future-proof 

Showcasing an impressive history 

Budvar have been producing craft beer from their brewery in the Czech Republic since 1895. Brewed using locally sourced ingredients and aged to perfection, their product is enjoyed across the whole planet. 


The deck we created for their sales team needed to thoughtfully and effectively showcase this impressive story, and really show off their brand.  

We interpreted Budvar’s message as simply as possible to allow audiences to understand the stories being told and smoothly engage with the striking imagery and video Budvar provided. 

A dynamic and flexible sales pitch, every time 

The sales deck we created for Budvar is sophisticated, on-brand, versatile and truly interactive. It can be used by Budvar’s staff in lots of different situations and easily tailored to the user and audience’s individual needs 

Most importantly, it provides Budvar’s sales team with the assets they need to help them make those all-important sales.  

To find out how we can help you transform your sales pitches, get in touch with us today.