3 essential presentation tools agencies need to win more pitches

Winning pitches is the lifeblood of an agency, and there’s one key step agencies can take to increase their chances of achieving those all-important wins: getting their pitch decks sorted. 

Pitch presentations are no longer just a practical tool to convey information plainly. They provide the opportunity to convey the creativity and individuality of your agency in a way that will make you stand out above your competitors.  

The most successful agencies ensure their pitches portray their creative ideas in the best light. They use professionally designed presentations to make their case with real impact and win business. 

More effective pitches equate to more business, and these presentation tools will help make it happen. Here are the 3 things agencies need to win more pitches.  

1) A powerful pitch deck 

In a pitch situation, it’s more important than ever to show off your company and your ideas in the most effective and impactful way. Why? Because the people you’re pitching to won’t just be interested in your service. They will be buying into your creativity, your brand, your processes AND your people. In any pitch, it’s essential to be able to communicate these things effectively.

 How agencies can win more pitches

Presentations used by your pitch team are often the first thing a potential client will see of your brand. In these situations, it doesn’t matter how polished your website, social media campaigns or printed marketing materials are, or how fantastic your brand is presented outside of the room you’re pitching in. In these situations, the client will be basing their entire interpretation of your organisation on what you put before them. 

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the pitch presentation you use represents your agency in the way you want it to. Bullet points on a slide just aren’t going to cut it. 

A professionally designed PowerPoint deck, on the other hand, will help you showcase your services in an impactful way, demonstrate your professionalism, and make the very best first impression. 

2) A comprehensive creds deck 

The most successful pitches are tailored to your prospect – there’s no one-size-fits-all pitch deck.  

Your powerful pitch deck provides the perfect basis for your pitches, and your creds deck provides you with everything you need to ensure your prospect hears a pitch tailored to their specific wants and needs.  

A credentials deck tells the story of your company. It introduces your brand, your ideology and your message in the most impactful and engaging way, and presents your service as an effective solution to the problems your clients face. 

3 essential presentation tools agencies need to win more pitches 

This deck can include case studies, client testimonials, examples of your work, and a variety of other standard pieces of content that can be used across lots of different types of pitches. You can pick and choose individual assets from this bank to build a deck that is truly personalised to the potential client you are pitching to. 

This essential PowerPoint tool allows you to save crucial time by inserting ready-prepared and up-to-date slides, allowing you to build a uniquely tailored pitch, every time. 

3) A tailored template 

A powerful pitch deck and a comprehensive creds deck provides you with everything you need to build effective, visually impressive pitches, including all the relevant information about your agency now 

A robust PowerPoint template gives you the flexibility to add to and update them well into the future.  

As time goes by and your agency grows, you’ll probably want to add exciting new case studies, testimonials and data to your pitches to really wow your prospects. A branded template makes it easy to do so, allowing you and your team to create professional-looking slides with ease. Your pitch deck can evolve with your agency.  

With these 3 essential presentation tools at your fingertips, you can easily prepare engaging, tailor-made pitch presentations that help you win more, one time and every time.  

The essential time-saving tool 

Let’s set the scene. You’ve been presented with a great opportunity to pitch to a potential client. You immediately start to think about exactly how you’re going to convince this person to invest in your service. With your professionally designed pitch deck, creds deck and template at hand, you start to build your pitch out, drawing relevant case studies and client testimonials into the deck. 

3 essential presentation tools agencies need to win more pitches

You can save time rewriting your agency’s story or worrying about displaying your case studies in a visually engaging way. Those slides are already prepared and can be easily dragged across to your new deck. 

You can also be confident that your impressive slides will look great and work effectively. Your prime focus in this time can be considerations of what specific things you want to say to this potential client. Time that would otherwise have been wasted reproducing the same repetitive information that appears in all your pitch presentations can be instead invested in making an epic pitch that will win you that business. 

Quick case study 

Global marketing technology agency, Modo25, engaged us to do exactly this: to pull together a compilation of presentation assets that would transform their pitches. We delivered a whole new suite of assets, including a robust PowerPoint template and an impactful credentials deck.  

Essentially, we provided Modo25 with the assets they needed to enhance and modernise their pitch making process. Modo25’s CEO John Readman speaks highly of his new presentation materials, stating that “I took this project not just as an investment in the brand and a pitch deck, it’s about efficiency.”  

The new assets allow the agency to produce better quality pitch decks more accurately and efficiently. “We’ve only just started using [the presentation assets] but it’s already not only saving us time, but also giving us a lot of brand control,” said John. 

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