5 Places to find Free Images for your Presentation

You might have written brilliant content, and you might even have used an outsourced PowerPoint agency for your slide design, but what about images? Getting the perfect image for your presentation can be hard, especially for those of us without camera and graphic design skills.

The solution? Get your images from a free online service, and we have five sites right here that are great.

1, Unsplash

Unsplash is a firm favourite here at F5, boasting a huge library of completely free images, great for your presentation. Unlike many free image sites, the collection available from Unsplash is of great quality, and covers lots of different themes. You get your standard stock images of ‘business people looking happy around laptops’ (which we all need from time to time), but there are also plenty of impressive and evocative landscapes.

New images are added to Unsplash’s library each week, and although crediting is recommended, it isn’t necessary. Also, the site’s Explore option means you can browse curated lists of related free images, offering a helpful dollop of inspiration for your presentation.

2, Gratisography

This is a quirky one. Gratisography is another completely free image site, and although the library isn’t as big as Unsplash, it is certainly… unique. If you need some comical and memorable free images for your presentation, check out Gratisography.

From guys in loud shirts, to old people riding skateboards, the site doesn’t disappoint on its claim to have “photos you just won’t find anywhere else”. Although the crazy free images won’t be suitable for every kind of presentation, the site also has some fairly standard landscape and still life photos, too.

3, Pixabay

Pixabay is another superb free image site, that also stocks short video clips. Community-based, the site boasts millions of high-quality photographs, all of which can be used for commercial purposes without accreditation.

Pixabay is doubly useful to presentation makers due to the wealth of video on there, too. As our computers become more powerful, and as expectations for PowerPoint presentations become higher, video content on slides is becoming more popular. This is a great free image resource to find just about any kind of thing you might need for your prtesentation.

4, Freepik

Freepik stands out somewhat on this list of resources by combining both photos and illustrative graphics. Although the site does indeed contain thousands of stock images of ‘people doing people things’, you can also scoop up some delicious free graphics. There are icons, vectors, and images for all occasions. You could use Freepic to build a slide deck for a potential new client AND find something for your wedding invites.

Freepik organises all this content very well, and there is even the option to download the Photoshop files directly, to get you up and running as quickly as possible. And it’s all free! We know, we were shocked, too.

5, New Old Stock

Know of one guaranteed way of not having to pay a license fee on an image? Use one that is so old, it’s in the public domain. That is just what New Old Stock does, being a site choked full of photos and images from the past which can be used for a variety of reasons.

Some of the free images on the website are really beautiful, while some capture important moments from history such as NASA astronauts in training. Although perfect for presentations that specifically deal with the past as a subject matter, many of the photos could be used in various creative ways, such as for backgrounds.

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