Presentation Design Company – why hire one?

Three real reasons to seek the skills of a professional PowerPoint Presentation Design Company.

You’ve probably scoured this blog, and many like it, trying to absorb all the PowerPoint knowledge you can. When presentation experts sound off all their advice and ‘pro tips’ it can be tempting to think that building a professional deck of slides will be a walk in the park.

Well, despite all those how-to videos on YouTube, and all the ‘insider advice’ you’ve stumbled upon, one fact remains.  Creating a high-end, impactful presentation is something that takes even the most gifted of designers and developers years to perfect.

Letting an expert presentation design company handle it is always the better choice. Here’s why…

Your time

If you’ve done what we mention above, by researching PowerPoint and presentation design as bet you can, you’ve already invested a lot of your time. Trying to learn something by soaking up mixed messages on the internet won’t work; not with something as complex as presentation design.

Even if you do decide to dedicate your valuable time to learn some PowerPoint tricks, you’ll never be able to master it like a professional. And here’s the huge problem with that.

Many business have to create presentations to compete. They could be competing for clients, for investment money, or to promote themselves as industry leaders. Therefore any presentations you give will be an extension of your organisation, your brand… of you. ‘Good enough’ won’t cut it.

The chances are that when you give your presentation you’ll be delivering it to a group of people who potentially see dozens just like it each month. How will you stand out with skills learnt from a seven minute YouTube video?

Your competition is already using the skills and services of a PowerPoint presentation design company, so why aren’t you? Given the choice between a carefully designed and developed deck of slides that blew them away in terms of imagery and innovation, and your hastily assembled, amateur deck, which do you think the audience will go for?

Spend your time elsewhere.

You are not a presentation design company

You might be a marketing manager, or a sales manager, or even a florist. We’re sure you’re very good at what you do, but ask yourself this: are you a presentation designer? Unless you’re an actual presentation designer, we’re guessing the answer will be no.

Our own design team will get quite offended if you were to suggest that “anyone can do it” when discussing PowerPoint. Although most school kids use the presentation software these days, PowerPoint is exceptionally feature-rich. It allows advanced users to create truly stunning things – with the aid of some creative thinking and years of experience.

Presentations permeate every area of business and education. Millions are given each day by a wide range of individuals. But only a fraction of those have ever had any real training.

Presentation design is not just an art form, but also a science. From the colours used, to the fonts and images, it all adds up to have an effect on your audience. Without fully understanding what those things mean and how to professionally structure your deck of slides, you could be communicating the wrong message.

A presentation design company will be staffed by people who have made understanding such things their life’s goal. You shouldn’t feel bad or guilty about not being able to create a PowerPoint deck as impressive as your competitors – that isn’t your job. Did you feel bad about not being able to build your company’s website or construct the office itself? Unless you’re both a web developer and a builder, you shouldn’t.

Presentation design companies exist because making stellar presentations is a career in itself. So, just as you did with your website and office building, leave it to the experts.

Presentation design is too important to risk

There aren’t many things about your business that can’t be fixed once they happen. If you notice a spelling error on your business card, you get some new ones printed. If your website has the wrong phone number listed, you correct it with a few clicks.

However, make a pig’s ear of an all-important presentation, and there is no going back.

Once your stab at a PowerPoint deck has been presented and your audience have seen it, you can’t take it back. It can never be corrected. Whatever opinion of you or your business that they develop will likely stick with them for a long time. First impressions really do last.

If you’re a sales manager and realise your team is missing out on client wins because of a poor presentation, sort it. Talk to a presentation design company and they will work with you to quickly fix your problems and get those sales numbers up.

Luckily daily presentations like that can be tweaked as you go along. What can’t be tweaked are those one-off, all-or-nothing pitches that could make or break your career or business. Deliver a poor presentation to a group of investors one time, and the chances are that no matter how many presentation design companies you work with subsequently, you’ll never again get your foot in their door.

Why pretend to be what you’re not? You wouldn’t expect to be able to perform brain surgery after a few hours of Googling, so why waste your time attempting to master a complex and creative skill? An investment in your presentations is a long-term investment in your business. One only a presentation design company can help you make.