Impress your audience with Duotone

Impress your audience with duotone

We’ve written about the importance of using engaging, good quality images in presentations before.

Replacing cliched stock photos with creative, eye-catching images is a great way to enhance your presentation as more imaginative imagery will often have a far greater impact. 

Sometimes, the opportunity comes along to display an image that’s a little bit different. If you want your presentation to really inspire, embrace Duotone. 

Bring your Images To Life

duotone (1)

Duotone images, as the name suggests, are images that only use two colours. They’re often used in presentations as impactful backgrounds upon which bold, coloured text can really stand out. 

Usually, the process of converting an image to duotone is quite complex and time-consuming (unless you’re a Photoshop expert). 

However, with ShapeFactory’s handy Duotone tool, you can create duotone images in a variety of different colour combinations in a matter of seconds. 

A quick and simple process

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The process is easy. Simply upload your image and select the two colours you’d like to use. Highly contracting colours work best, and it’s easy to play around with different combinations.

For a company presentation, you might want to choose your brand colours. It’s a fantastically simple way to create images that are in line with your brand for free. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some inspiration you can browse the images on the site in the colours of your choice. All of the images are free to download and use, making them a great choice for use in presentations.  

Impress your audience with Duotone

With this powerful tool at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to create unique and engaging duotone images. Embracing this powerful feature will help you create presentation decks that really impress. 

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