Increase employee engagement by 75% with the new way to deliver internal comms

One of our clients works in the communications department of a national company. Her role focuses primarily on delivering regular internal comms, which is a task that has become more and more difficult in recent years.  

“My team and I spend a lot of time writing important news updates to keep people within the organisation informed and motivated, but we struggle to get any real, measurable engagement,” she told us.  

“I feel like our emails often get lost in busy employees’ inboxes”. 

She’s not alone. 

One of the biggest challenges internal communications directors face today is effectively delivering important company updates to those within their organisation – in a way that actually gets them to read and engage with it.  

Nowadays, teams across a wide variety of industries are constantly being bombarded with emails, PDFs and SharePoint links that they simply don’t have the time or energy to read. Worryingly, 2 out of 3 emails employees receive are not important. It’s no wonder internal comms so frequently slip through the net. 

Imagine if your global workforce could be as excited as you are about your internal comms. Imagine if you could rapidly improve brand awareness, increase employee engagement and ultimately help your company succeed. Well, now you don’t have to imagine. 

People are 75% more likely to engage with video 

We created ICTV as an engaging alternative to yet another email update or multi-page PDF newsletter that never gets read. ICTV is like watching a TV show; a far more familiar and easier format for people to digest. 

ICTV: increase employee engagement with internal comms

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text. And if that video is live, exciting and relevant to them, that percentage is even higher.  

ICTV is a game-changing new way to handle your internal communications, allowing you to get regular and important news updates out to everyone in your organisation in a format people really engage with.  

Productivity increases by 20-25% when employees feel connected 

ICTV is a truly interactive and conversational platform. It allows you to easily bring other colleagues, guests and employees into the conversation via live video calls. 

Even better, because your live ICTV broadcast can be streamed across platforms like Teams, Zoom, and WebEx, you can also make the most of live Q&A features, responding to comments and questions from your team as they come in. Unlike PDF newsletters and company emails, this internal comms approach allows your employees to be involved in the conversation and helps them feel more connected to the company.  


And crucially, in organisations where employees feel connected, productivity increases by 20 to 25%. Effective, interactive and inclusive internal comms is more important than ever.  

Deliver internal communications more effectively 

ICTV transforms the way you communicate within your organisation, providing a welcomed break from endless company emails and uninspiring PDF newsletters. 

Your ICTV set is fully customisable and portable, built around your brand and your business needs. And the service is fully managed by us, from set and content creation to managing the live broadcast, allowing you to focus on exactly what you want to say on the day. 

High impact internal comms

Deliver high impact internal communications to everyone in your organisation in an exciting format that dramatically improves the experience, increases engagement, and brings your team together.  

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