The big benefits of a live product launch

There’s no point in developing an amazing new product if you don’t have an epic launch, and marketing plan, to back it up.

In 2021, a top trend that’s emerging is that more companies are choosing to deliver a live product launch to their target audiences. Using live presenting and broadcast experiences to launch new products is growing in popularity – and audiences are loving it! 

Live product launch

Accelerated in part by emerging live presentation technology and services, and due to the global pandemic pushing many of us into remote workinglive product launch is front of mind for savvy product teams and marketers.  

Plus, they’re much more interesting and engaging than a linear launch – for both the presenters and the audiences 

The benefits of a live product launch   

Launching a new product is all about: 

  • Communicating your product’s value. 
  • Generating excitement. 
  • Fulfilling a need. 
  • Engaging your audiences. 
  • Converting sales.  

When you bring people together for a live experience, you’re in a much better position to do all of the above. You’ve more power to sell to them with a live launch where you can completely customise your content for your captive audiences 

Live product launch

The quality of the messages – and visuals – in your live product launch presentation is key here. It’s what shares your product’s value and unique selling points. Plus, it’s what connects your brand, and product with your target audiences, sparking conversations and getting people to buy from you. So, as well as launching your product, you need to show it in action to build that all important context and trust. What better way to do this than live?  

Did you see Apple launch its new iPhone 12 in 2020? This is a prime example of a live product launch – and the tech giant is famed for its live launches.  

We’re also huge advocates of live product launches because of the opportunity for interactivity via Q&As and live chat.  

Live product launch – what to include in your presentation   

You can use a live product launch in lots of different ways, with a presentation and interactive elements to change the pace when you want to and:   

  • Highlight product design, functionality, benefits.  
  • Show the product in action. 
  • Demonstrate the problems it solves/need.  
  • Answer questions.  
  • Generate anticipation and excitement.  

You can also bring the product straight to your audiences, physically demonstrating key features in real time rather than just having an image on screen. This makes everything more tangible.  

FMCGe-commerce, IT and financial services are just some of the sectors starting to use live product launch presentation experiences with great results. And this trend will undoubtedly influence the way people relate to brands and products in the future.  

A big opportunity for businesses  

Live streaming is being used around the world by influencers and celebrities to provide customers with a closer look at brands and products, so it makes total sense to use it for new product launches. As well as showing the world what you’re doing, why and how it will benefit them, you’re also encouraging live interaction with your target audiences.  

Live product launch

This really gives customers, stakeholders and prospects a sense of connection to your brand – because they see themselves as being part of it – as its happening.  

You’ll see live video feeds all over social media, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories, and Facebook video, and they’re growing in popularity because it’s how more people are choosing to connect. People want, and expect to have a one-to-one relationship with brands now – and to be heard by them. Video and live video streams are now a way of life 

So, to sum up, the big benefits of a live product launch are:  

  • Socially-distanced and safe way to communicate with people any time any location. 
  • Alternative to traditional one-way product launch presentation.  
  • Two-way engagement. 
  • Taps into changing audience behaviours and preferences.   
  • Stand out from competitors with a unique experience 

When it comes to new product launches – what better way to connect with your prospects, convert sales and gain more understanding about what brands want than with live new product launch. 

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