How to smash your sales targets with a menu-driven PowerPoint presentation

Menu-driven PowerPoint presentations are a complete game-changer for salespeople. But what, you ask, is a menu-driven PowerPoint presentation? 

Well, my friend, it’s your newest and most valuable sales secret weapon.  

A menu-driven PowerPoint differs from a regular linear PowerPoint presentation because it allows the presenter to leap from one section of the presentation to the next, without the need to click through multiple other slides to get there.  

menu-driven PowerPoint presentation

So, the presentation can be broken up into sections, making it easy for a salesperson to customise their pitch on the fly and tailor it to each and every prospect.  

Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all sales presentation is sufficient to persuade every prospect to trust and invest in you and your product. The fast-changing market and a population exhausted by generic sales pitches demand something more. Enter, the revolutionary menu-driven PowerPoint presentation. 

The ultimate pitch flexibility 

Leeds-based project management consultancy Huddl approached us to help them smash their sales targets with a versatile new sales deck that gives them the ultimate pitch flexibility.  

For their team, a menu-driven sales deck was the ideal solution.  

Huddl menu-driven PowerPoint presentation


To ensure their salespeople have the resources they need to pitch effectively to a variety of different audiences, we built a single, comprehensive deck that contains a huge amount of information. This includes everything and anything that might be relevant in a pitch situation. The custom menu system we developed alongside it allows their team to pick and choose which aspects of the deck they want to show in each pitch.  

With this robust menu-driven PowerPoint presentation at their disposal, Huddl’s sales team can ensure every pitch is truly unique and tailored to the prospect. If their prospect is especially interested in a certain product line, or is keen to hear client testimonials, the salesperson can jump to that section with ease. This type of pitch approach is more conversational and allows the prospect to be open about what they want and need to hear.  

For now and forever 

Huddl slide example


Huddl were keen to ensure that their new PowerPoint presentations would be a worthwhile investment, so we also set them up with templates and themes that would allow them to create better presentations in-house going forward.  

We designed a custom-branded PowerPoint template that effectively adapted and extended Huddl’s impressive brand into the presentation world. We incorporated their brand’s image, style and colours into the easy-to-use template to allow their team to produce professional, visually engaging presentations time and time again.  

Game-changing sales conversations 

huddl slides

Huddl’s new menu-driven PowerPoint presentation effectively sets them up to deliver truly innovative sales pitches. The comprehensive, engaging sales deck provides all the information their team needs for a variety of different sales situations, and its game-changing functionality allows them to embrace a more conversational approach to selling.  

Huddl’s branded template also arms the team with everything they need to ensure their other internal and external presentations match the impressive look and feel of the sales deck going forward.  

Huddl’s new professionally designed PowerPoint assets are truly future-proof. 

To find out how we can help you transform your sales pitches, get in touch with us today.