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31 March 2021

Have your cake and eat it too: How to ensure your prospects are really listening

That age old conflict of want vs need is alive and well. If we humans aren’t engaged in what is happening around […]

4 March 2021

4 reasons why your sales presentations should be your secret weapon

In business, sales presentations can make your week, quarter, or even your year. They provide a fantastic opportunity […]

18 February 2021

How to use timeless storytelling arcs in presentations 

You don’t have to be a film buff or a book worm to notice the similarities […]

12 February 2021

5 ways to achieve effective storytelling in business

Storytelling has been used as a form of human communication and connection for millennia. But, in more recent years it […]

3 February 2021

6 powerful brand storytelling examples to use in business

Brand storytelling has been hailed as the latest marketing innovation in recent years. But ‘brand storytelling’ is a broader term than you might […]

28 January 2021

The hero’s journey: How to use storytelling in presentations

You’re probably already familiar with the term ‘hero’s journey’. After all, it was first coined way back in 1949. […]

22 January 2021

5 of the best storytelling techniques for presentations

Who doesn’t love a good story? They draw us in, trigger emotional responses, keep us entertained, and often […]

14 January 2021

The big benefits of a live product launch

There’s no point in developing an amazing new product if you don’t have an epic launch, and marketing plan, to […]

7 January 2021

7 ways to introduce a new product in a presentation

The presentation stakes are never higher than when you’re introducing a new product. Months (or years!) […]