PowerPoint dating is now a thing

Friends are giving PowerPoint presentations about other single friends in hopes of securing them a date.

A few months back we wrote about the hopeful romantic who created a Tinder dating profile in the style of a PowerPoint slide deck. That creative chap caused quite a stir. Although it might not have led to love (bless him) it has cemented PowerPoint as a tool for singletons.

Beginning in Boston, Massachusetts, earlier in the year, DateMyFriend.ppt is an evening where the friends of single people deliver a PowerPoint presentation extolling their dating virtues.

Spreading along the East Coast of the US, the fun night involves 13 presenters ‘pitching’ to the crowd. There they argue why their friend is solid relationship material. Slides shown include info such as why they would make great partners, as well as displaying the benefits of dating their friend.


In conversation with The New York Post, Kristen Palasick, 27, said: “Having a friend do it, you get [to show people] a different side of yourself. I don’t know if it would have been the same if I had done it myself.”

Her friend, Venus Sanchez, was pitching on Palasick’s behalf. She said: Dating in New York, there’s a lot of quantity, not a lot of quality. I think it’s more like what little things make up Kristen that make you want to date her. She loves to dog-sit, so you’re likely to meet a furry friend if you date her.”

Kristen sounds lovely, but what is really interesting is how PowerPoint is so clearly ingrained in the minds of many people. If you need to present any kind of data in an engaging and entertaining manner, PowerPoint is most people’s automatic port of call.

So hey… if the dating apps aren’t working out for you, try PowerPoint. Give us a call – we’ll help you find love.

Which is not something we ever thought we’d say.