5 PowerPoint tasks to Outsource

Creating an engaging and effective PowerPoint presentation takes lots of time, skill, and energy.

If you’ve decided that your company boasts members who are more than capable of fulfilling your PowerPoint needs, good on you. However, even with an in-house presentation squad there are certain PowerPoint jobs that take more time and talent than simple slide making. And so, here are 5 PowerPoint tasks to Outsource.

Creating a custom template

Custom templates not only look great, they are the perfect way to keep all your presentations cohesive. However, creating a custom template in PowerPoint is not a simple job of picking a font and background colour.

Expertly designed templates take a lot into consideration, from branding and appearance, to the choice of slide transitions. The object is to make something that any member of your team who needs to build their own presentation, can use quickly and efficiently. This will result in on-brand, compliant decks of slides that convey the message of your organisation.

This is an important PowerPoint job to outsource, as the outsourced presentation agency will know template architecture inside-out. As PowerPoint design and development is all they do, they’ll understand how to build something that not only follows your brand guidelines, but can be modified and edited to suit the individual presenter.

An outsourced custom PowerPoint template will therefore offer your team more creative leeway.

Building custom illustrations

One huge time-suck that presentations cause is finding the right kind of content. Your marketing and creative team might have created a brilliant script and storyboard for the presentation, but are your designers struggling to find the right images?

It’s true that not all PowerPoint developers are great designers. Assembling an in-house team of people who seem to know what they’re doing with PowerPoint is great, but overall it’s quite limiting. If they can’t find the right image online, and if they don’t possess the skills to create something themselves, what do you do? You outsource.

Original illustrations take a high degree of skill and experience to make, so this is definitely a PowerPoint job to outsource. Outsource presentation agencies will have a team of dedicated graphic designers on hand to tackle anything like this, and they’ll be able to make something stunning and appropriate for your own PowerPoint team to use.

Outsourcing your PowerPoint illustration needs will save lots of time. Which will save money, too.

Creating PowerPoint infographics

Like illustrations, infographics are a great way to catch attention and communicate your message. As we process information better visually, a professionally composed infographic can be hugely effective, as well as popular. We’ve all received a cool infographic via email, after all.

Therefore they can be used as part of a PowerPoint presentation, not just to present to an audience, but also to display on a static screen in a public or staff area. Again, just like illustrations, infographics aren’t something that everyone can throw together, especially when the time pressure is on.

Outsourcing infographics to a PowerPoint outsource agency is the best solution. Just as with their design team who will be on hand to create something excellent looking, they’ll also have a communications department, charged with wording, scripting and story-telling. A good infographic will, of course, tell a great story after all.

Infographics are an important tool for modern businesses, so outsource that particular PowerPoint job today.


The latest version of Microsoft’s PowerPoint suite is filled with handy ways to animate your content. Our personal favourite tool for getting something moving around on screen is Morph, a transition that acts like an animation. Try it.

However, true and bespoke animation effects in PowerPoint take a lot more experience than simply applying a transition. Mastering something fairly complex like animation in a presentation package can take a developer lots of time – something your team might not have. And so…?

Yes, you guessed it – outsource that job. To an outsource PowerPoint agency, animation comes easily and naturally, being staffed as they will be with presentation building experts. Not only will you be buying the expertise of ‘how to’, but you’ll also get the knowledge of ‘when not to’. Because we’ve all sat through presentations with needlessly silly animated characters and pie charts. Leave it out, Kevin.

So animate yourself to seek the professional touch of an outsource PowerPoint agency.

Creating custom videos

As our laptops have gotten faster and more powerful, so our creative opportunities within PowerPoint have sky-rocketed. One effect we truly love is to have a video playing out in the background of a slide or template. It looks great, and casts an air of impressiveness over the presenter.

But here’s the thing; stock video might be easy to come by these days, but everyone is drawing from a limited pool. If you’re hoping to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out from the crowd (as well you should) you’ll be looking to film your own video clips to perfectly match with your presentation’s theme and tone. Not as easy as it seems.

Professional teams have professional equipment. Most PowerPoint outsource agencies will have camera equipment and – crucially – the talent to use it effectively. They’ll be used to filming clips, sequences and whole videos, because those are all standard requirements for today’s PowerPoint slide decks.

Dave from Marketing pointing his phone at a puddle might not be suitable for a presentation about the ocean. Just saying…

Outsourcing certain PowerPoint tasks to an external agency makes sense. Not only will it save you time, but doing so means your presentations will benefit from an injection of professionalism. Outsource your PowerPoint – it’s the way to go.

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