Downloading PowerPoint Templates – A Video Tutorial

If you want to make a decent looking PowerPoint presentation, but the time pressure is on, templates can help.

PowerPoint templates give your slide deck a uniform feel, providing a background, colours, images, and even icons to help you build something effective. However, if you’re tired of the stock templates that come with PowerPoint, our new tutorial video will help. Here’s how to download and install free PowerPoint templates.

The video, which is just six minutes long, will be handy for anyone lacking in design skills who needs to create a presentation quick. As well as looking through the stock PowerPoint templates that are already available to the average user, we step out onto the World Wide Web. There we discover how easy it is to find, download, and install a huge wealth of free PowerPoint Templates.


As you can see, it’s a pretty simple affair to find something you like and download it onto your computer. Toward the end of the video we also show you how to create a personal templates folder. If you use lots of different templates and themes in PowerPoint, the program allows you to set a default path to that folder. This cuts down a lot of time navigating to the right folder, and also helps keep your template files in order. That’ll come in handy if your boss is forever updating and tweaking the company brand PowerPoint template. Just leave the logo alone, Keith.

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