5 awesome sales presentation examples that get results

Sales presentations are crucial to your business success. That’s why it really pays to be armed with a presentation deck that focuses on getting you the results you want.  

And you’ve come to the right place for some inspiration for your next sales deck. Here are 5 brands that are using clever presentation techniques to ensure their sales presentations get results.  

1) Leadcrunch 

Leadcrunch 1

This one is from marketing platform LeadCrunch.  

Leadcrunch 22

The deck embraces a simple yet effective design that takes complex information and displays it in a range of visually impactful ways. As you walk through the deck you can see how easy it is for audiences to ‘get’ and buy into what LeadCrunch are saying at a glance. 

Leadcrunch 3

To take a look at the full deck, click here 

2) Budvar 


This versatile sales deck is used by Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar’s on-the-road sales team to sell their products 

output-onlinejpgtools (1)

What really makes this sales presentation stand out is the menu system it uses, which allows the presenter to skip to different sections of the deck during their sales pitch. This, combined with the sleek design and iconic colours, allows Budvar’s salespeople to make their pitches with greater impact and success.  


Find out more about this project here 

3) Snapchat 

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 14.15.01

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat has an eye-catching sales deck to promote their platform and entice marketers and brands to advertise on their app.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 14.14.44

The deck breaks down Snapchat’s sales message into clear and easy-to-digest sections, utilising bright colours, unique icons and bold headings to deliver their key messages with success.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 14.14.26

You can find the full deck here 

4) West Ham 

West Ham 1

West Ham’s Global Partner sales deck outlines and promotes the club’s sponsorship properties to external parties.  

West Ham 2

The deck embraces the brand’s iconic brand colours and imagery to present their offer in an impressive way. The customised menu also made for a uniquely versatile presentation, giving the presenter ultimate control.  

West Ham 3

For more information about this project, click here 

5) Zuora

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 09.55.49

Software company Zuora created this visually interesting sales presentation to promote their software to other businesses.

output-onlinejpgtools (3)

Simple, clear headings layered over uniquely engaging images allow the company to tell their story effectively, while maintaining the attention of their audience throughout.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 09.49.14

Take a look at the full deck here

Sales Presentations that get results

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