Rob’s PowerPoint Lab: Radial Build Template

Here at Future Present, we love pushing PowerPoint to its limits and exploring what’s possible.

Our PowerPoint development team are experts at producing uniquely inspiring presentations. They are always up to date with the latest PowerPoint innovations. 

To test the functionalities of PowerPoint, each week in our all-hands meeting, our design team challenges Rob from our development team to recreate things they’ve found online… in PowerPoint. Using his keen knowledge of PowerPoint animations and the Morph tool, Rob almost always manages to make something awesome.

This week’s challenge

This week, Paige came across an interesting website built around a rotating dial. When each notch of the dial is clicked, a unique piece of information is displayed. 

To recreate this complex structure in PowerPoint, Rob built the dial using 24 small icons, which he animated individually using the ‘Appear’ entrance animation. 

Next, he applied the ‘Spin’ animation and used the grouping tool to make the graphic revolve around an axis. After the animation build, the slide sequence is then finished off with a simple morph transition to the same element that had been scaled up and rotated 90 degrees. 

In a presentation, this complex animation could be used as an interesting and creative way to introduce elements onto a slide. We’re sure you’ll agree, it looks pretty impressive.

Your free download

Use our expertise for your own project. There’s no need to go through the long process of putting this slide together all over again.

We’ve made Rob’s PowerPoint file downloadable for free, so you can integrate it into your own presentation. We can assure you, it will really impress.