Size it up!

Size It Up!

Keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to save time and energy, and not just in PowerPoint.  

The ability to achieve a goal (often repeatedly and with little effort) in just a few taps on the keyboard can be a godsend when working on a large project. 


But it’s not just about efficiency. Keyboard shortcuts can also be incredibly useful for improving the look and consistency of your presentation.


This week, we are introducing you to a keyboard shortcut that will help you ensure your slides look exactly how you want them to.  


Resize an object while keeping its proportions


Resizing an image is easy. However, dragging the corners of an image can change the its proportions.


This could change your perfect circle into a sad-looking oval, or transform your accurate, proportionate graph into little more than a mess.

 bad resize


If you want or need to ensure your image/graph/shape keeps its proportions during the resize, there’s an easy keyboard shortcut for that.

While you drag the corners of the image to resize, hold Shift. This will ensure your circle remains a circle, and your graph maintains its accuracy. 

accurate resize

Always be consistent

With this shortcut quite literally at your fingertips, you can help ensure your PowerPoint deck is consistent, accurate and looks professional. 

Take the time to memorise it and you can enhance your presentation skills right now. 

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