Rob’s PowerPoint Lab: Sliders Template

Here at Future Present, we love pushing PowerPoint to its limits and exploring what’s possible.

Our PowerPoint development team are experts at producing uniquely inspiring presentations. They are always up to date with the latest PowerPoint innovations. 

To test the functionalities of PowerPoint, each week in our all-hands meeting, our design team challenges Rob from our development team to recreate things they’ve found online… in PowerPoint.

Using his keen knowledge of PowerPoint animations and the Morph tool, Rob almost always manages to make something awesome.

Rob's PowerPoint Lab

This week’s challenge

This week, Lyndon asked the team to think of some better uses for buttons and sliders. He thought this could be used to encourage user interactivity on a slide. 

Rob came up with something pretty amazing.

He created 16 slides, each with 4 individual sliders. Each slider has an invisible hyperlink overlaid which navigates to the appropriate slide if it is clicked. The 16 slides represent the 16 combinations of the 4 sliders. 

In a presentation, this could be used to clearly demonstrate different pricing options visually.


Sliders template PowerPoint

Your free download

Use our expertise for your own project. There’s no need to go through the long process of putting this slide together all over again.

We’ve made Rob’s PowerPoint file downloadable for free, so you can integrate it into your own presentation. We can assure you, it will really impress.