Be a smooth operator

Be A Smooth Operator

High-quality, impactful images and exciting video backgrounds are a fantastic way to transform your presentation and engage your audience. 

They’re also a fantastic way to bump up your PowerPoint’s file size, which can make your presentation run slowly and increase the chances of PowerPoint crashing (if this happens, we have a solution.)

A large PowerPoint file will also make it difficult to send your presentation to others, especially if you are reliant on doing so via email. If you’re presenting on someone else’s machine, this might become a bit of an issue. 

But fear not! PowerPoint has a number of in-built features that allow you to compress your bulky picture and videos with ease. 

Compress your images in PowerPoint

Compressing your images in PowerPoint is easy. First, select an image on a slide then click the Picture Format tab.  


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.18.31


Next, click “Compress Pictures”.


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.18.36


In the pop-up box that appears, you can select the new, lower resolution for your images. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.18.48


For most presentations, 150ppi should be sufficient. If you’re going to be presenting on an especially large screen, or you intend to print your slides out, you might want to choose 220ppi. 


Check the “Apply to: All pictures in this file” box to compress all the images in your deck. If your presentation is completely finished, you can also click “Delete cropped areas of pictures” to save a little more space. 


As easy as that, your images will be compressed, automatically reducing the size of your PowerPoint file. 


Compress your videos in PowerPoint


To compress your videos, the process is equally simple. First, go to the File tab and click Info


Screenshot (12)


Next, click the “Compress Media” button and select the quality you want to reduce your video file to. 


Screenshot (13)


720p should be fine for most presentations. If you want the quality to be higher, 1080p is a better bet.


After you’ve selected your video resolution, a handy box will appear that’ll show you which videos have been compressed, by how much, and how much space it has saved you. 


Be sure to double-check your videos still look great in their new resolution!


Ensure your presentation runs smoothly


Compressing your images and videos in PowerPoint can drastically reduce your presentation’s file size, which in turn can ensure your presentation runs more smoothly. A lower file size will also make sending your presentation to others a lot easier. 


Make the most of PowerPoint’s handy compression features to enhance your presentation now. 


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