The Ultimate Live Presentation Experience – FP Live

Live presentation experiences are a great new way to engage your employees. You can use them to deliver conferences, webinars, town halls and more. And they’re particularly useful given the age of COVID-19 where many of us are conscious of social distance and working remotely.

If they’re good enough for the world’s biggest brand, (Apple used a live presenting experience to launch its iPhone 12), then they’re good enough for your business. And the great news isyou don’t need an Apple-sized budget do a live presentation that really dazzles your audiences.  

FP Live for employee events  

FP Live Future Present


At Future Present we’ve created the ultimate live presentation experience for businesses, and it’s called FP Live. 

It’s an interactive, fun alternative to remote employee conferences, webinars, town halls and other company events.   

It enables you to deliver and stream high-impact live presentation experiences, to audiences of any size, anywhere, and at any time. You don’t need a ‘physical’ venue or a stage to deliver it from, and there’s no capacity limit! 

FP Live feels like being part of a live TV broadcast. You can make it as interactive as you like, and it works with Webex, Zoom or Teams.  

If you’re worried about hosting or broadcasting it live, it can be recorded for you to use later. 

FP Live presenters on stage

FP Live enables you to deliver the ultimate live presentation experience to your employees – and you can use it for other presentations such as pitches and investor updates too.  

The service is fully managed service. The FP Live team designs the live presentation set, creates the slides and other media. In addition, our team manages participant dial ins, and creates the live stream in your chosen meeting setting. 

Key features 


You can tell us what you want FP Live to do for your next employee or stakeholder event, or ask us and we will inspire you with some ideas.  

Use different sets and presenters, choose from an infinite number of screens and backdrops, use live contributor call in and audience chat features, and loads more. 

Everything is designed and branded to suit your brand/audiences and create the perfect live presentation experience for your employees. 

Stand out from the competition with FP Live – live presenting experiences for businesses. Click here to find out more.