PowerPointers – F5’s new video tutorial series

Here at F5 Presentations we spend all day every day doing incredible things with PowerPoint.

A lot of our clients regularly ask us ‘is that really PowerPoint?’ That’s because we have the skills to make Microsoft’s humble presentation tool look unrecognisable.

However, not everyone is looking for a total redesign of PowerPoint. We get asked many times how to do simple tasks… such as start a quick and simple presentation. That’s why we created our new PowerPoint video tutorial series.

Starting with the very basics, the video series will cover all aspects of mastering PowerPoint. The first two instalments are below. We plan on uploading new tutorials on a regular basis, walking you through how to complete tasks and create presentations in PowerPoint.

All this is done in a simple and understandable way. There is footage of the screen showing exactly what is happening while the presenter talks you through the process. We believe that showing is always better than telling, so the PowerPoint video tutorial series will act as a great accompaniment to our written blogs. We hope you find them all useful.

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The first tutorial video covers the total basics. This includes opening up PowerPoint, selecting a theme, and creating a simple presentation slide deck.

The second episode gets a little more technical. We show you how to add a video to your presentation. It also details the ways in which that video can be played, and also how to reduce your overall presentation file size.

If you have any suggestions for the kind of video tutorials you’d like to see, drop us a message.