Rob’s PowerPoint Lab: Waves Morph Template

Here at Future Present, we love pushing PowerPoint to its limits and exploring what’s possible.

Our PowerPoint development team are experts at producing uniquely inspiring presentations. They are always up to date with the latest PowerPoint innovations. 

Rob's PowerPoint Lab

To test the functionalities of PowerPoint, each week in our all-hands meeting, our design team challenges Rob from our development team to recreate things they’ve found online… in PowerPoint.

Using his keen knowledge of PowerPoint animations and the Morph tool, Rob almost always manages to make something awesome.

This week’s challenge

In this week’s meeting, Paul challenged Rob to recreate a ‘wave to box’ effect he came across on a shipping company’s website. The process of creating this cool, simple-looking effect was actually less than simple. 

Usually with Morph, two shapes have the same amount of control points, making it easy for one to morph into the other. In our case, however, a wavy line would typically have multiple control points, while a straight line would only have two.

To prevent the morph from forming incorrectly, Rob ensured our straight line had multiple points by duplicating and manipulating the original wavy line. Now, the two shapes are able to morph into one another smoothly.

In a presentation, this sleek effect could be used to grab the attention of an audience and bring a slide to life. 

waves gif

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