Case Study: Akari

Akari appointed us to create a striking sub-brand and engaging sales presentation for their new Translation Studio and Virtual Assistant applications. It was to be used to announce and promote their new and existing services to potential clients.

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The Client

Glasgow-based tech firm Akari Solutions specialise in delivering intelligent Cloud solutions, developing custom applications and utilising new and innovative AI services. Their focus on digital transformation and purpose-built applications help to empower businesses to drive productivity and succeed.

The Challenge

With the brand creation, our primary challenge was developing a unique sub-brand that worked with the master brand but also stood out on its own. We examined Akari’s logos and brand image extensively to ensure the new logos had the appropriate nod to Akari’s brand image. 

The scale of this project demanded a significant amount of organisation and liaison with the client to ensure the brief was met. We checked in with the client at each stage and utilised Slack channels to keep an open line of communication throughout the project.


Our first step was to develop an appropriately stylized sub brand for the new applications. Using Akari’s existing brand image as inspiration, we developed a set of sleek logos, icons and illustrations to be used in the new applications’ promotion. 

We integrated these graphics and brand colours into the new sales presentations. We pulled together an extensive bank of branded and eye-catching images and utilised smooth animations to create a seamless deck that demonstrated the company’s credentials effectively. 

We also developed a robust and easily-adaptable template for the company to use for future presentations. The deck contained assets to be used for these presentations, including the icons, colours, photos, illustrations and graphic elements we put together for the original deck.


The final presentation was highly successful. It effectively condensed and displayed a large amount of information in an attractive and engaging way. Each slide’s use of bold colours, eye-catching imagery and smooth animations helped to demonstrate the content in a visually engaging way. 

The new Translation Studio and Virtual Assistant logos were sleek and modern, fitting into the master brand nicely by embracing its colours and certain aspects of the original logo.