Case Study: Bauer Media Group

The client approached us to create a high-impact internal strategy presentation. It was to be delivered to directors and decision makers within the company.

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The Client

Bauer Media UK is an influential entertainment network that owns a broad mix of magazine and radio brands. Publications like Heat, Grazia, and Empire are all part of the Bauer Media family, as well as radio stations KISS FM, Magic, and Absolute.

The organisation operates in 15 countries and employs 11,000 people. Combined, their products reach 25 million people in the UK, and the presentation was required to show off Bauer’s growth in recent years.

The Challenge

As great as recent successes had been for the company, our challenge was presenting what was dry numerical content in an engaging manner. The slide deck needed to impress the intended audience, exciting them about the future, and letting the data shine.

A further challenge was that Bauer Media wanted us to use their existing brand guidelines and PowerPoint template. We therefore had to work within rather strict parametres, while still ensuring that the presentation packed enough of a punch to stand out.


The client provided us with a full script detailing everything that needed to go into the presentation. It was a lot of information.

We decided to strip the message back as much as possible and concentrate on the headlines. The vast majority of the content was moved to the speaker notes, allowing the presenter to delve into the details while being supported by striking visuals.

We used full-screen images accompanied by bold, short sentences on each slide. All the images had the same filter applied to them, matching the brand requirements of Bauer Media, and giving the presentation a slick and uniform aesthetic.

Iconography was also used to increase the relevancy of each image. Every slide in the deck had a clear message; a powerful point to hammer home. It brought the data to life, communicating exactly what needed to be said, while giving the presenter a chance to elaborate in their own way.


The resulting presentation is hugely successful. It takes a lot of confusing data about growth, audience share and internal structuring, and displays it with impact. By moving most of the content to the speaker notes, the presentation empowers the speaker to make it their own.

The Bauer Media branding guidelines were respected but enhanced. We pushed the limits of what we could do but kept the finished product within the client’s remit, showing them something new.

This deck impresses.

What the client said

“We’re hugely grateful to Future Present for creating this amazing deck. What could have been a fairly bland and uninteresting presentation to our directors actually turned out to be engaging and something different.

“We had no idea that a PowerPoint presentation could have this much impact.”