Case Study: BCN Group

BCN tasked us with creating an impressive, menu-driven sales deck that demonstrated their company credentials and effectively promoted the services they provide.

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The Client

BCN Group is one of the UK’s leading managed IT support and accounting services providers. With bases in Manchester, Leeds and London, the ever-growing BCN team are focussed on transforming businesses, embracing new technologies and delivering ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

As with all of our projects, we needed to pay close attention to BCN’s brand guidelines to ensure that the extensive deck fit in with their brand image and colours. This was especially crucial as the deck was being created to represent the company to external parties. 

Another significant task in this project was restructuring the content BCN provided to fit into the menu system we intended to develop. With careful planning and meticulous organisation, we were able to rearrange the information into distinct menu categories in a clear and coherent way. This new content layout would be much more conducive to the non-linear style of presentation we planned to create.


BCN allowed us to really push the boundaries of our team’s creativity in this project. 

We set out to design a customised menu that would allow the presenter to have total control over the direction of the presentation. The deck was split into 5 large sections which the presenter could pick and choose from at any point. The unique menu system offered a level of flexibility that is rarely exploited in PowerPoint.

We used PowerPoint’s morph tool, smooth animations and sleek video integration to create an impressive deck with a customisable path that successfully complemented BCN’s brand. We also compiled a suite of carefully selected imagery for BCN to use in future projects.


The finished presentation was highly interactive, visually exciting and very much focussed on functionality. Its ultra-flexible menu system pushed PowerPoint to the limit by breaking the rigid structure of a traditional PowerPoint presentation. This would allow BCN’s salespeople to hop from one section of the PowerPoint to another with ease, picking and choosing the parts their potential clients want to hear about. 

In this deck, we embraced and enhanced BCN’s well-established brand image to develop a seamless, multi-functional presentation that can be easily adapted by BCN staff. BCN were massively impressed with the attractive deck and pleasantly surprised by its unique menu features.