Case Study: Budvar

Budvar appointed us to put together a versatile, menu-driven presentation tool for the use of their on-the-road sales team. 

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The Client

Since 1895, Budweiser Budvar have been producing craft beer from their brewery in the Czech Republic. Brewed using locally sourced ingredients and aged to perfection, their product is enjoyed across the whole planet.

The Challenge

Budvar has a team of salespeople out on the road constantly. They give presentations to a range of different audiences, all of whom will potentially sell their beers. That includes supermarkets, other chain shops with multiple outlets, specialist beer retailers, and pubs.

The commercial team require the best possible tools to help them achieve sales. We set out to create a unique presentation that could be used in various different selling scenarios, allowing the team to access the information they needed at the drop of a hat.

The presentation deck also needed to be easy for the Budvar team to update and tailor to individual audiences.


We built Budvar a menu-driven presentation file, filled with the data and statistics that any salesperson would need while pitching. Using the interactive menu system, the team can ‘leap’ from one section to another, therefore responding to their audience’s needs and questions more efficiently.

We created a product that is sophisticated, on-brand, and usable on a range of different devices. As well as the technology, we interpreted Budvar’s message as simply as possible, allowing audiences to understand the stories being told and smoothly engage with the striking imagery and video. Budvar do, afterall, have some fantastic visual assets detailing the brewing process.

We made the impactful presentation deck easy to edit, allowing the Budvar team to add further information and features as time goes on, making the product completely future-proof.


The menu-driven presentation file that we produced can be used by lots of Budvar’s staff in lots of different situations. It can be edited and tailored to the user’s needs, and makes winning those all-important sales easier.