Case Study: Cartier

The client required a high-profile, high-stakes internal presentation. Intended to be shown to the upper echelons of company management, the slide deck was to promote the successes of the previous year’s marketing campaigns and generate excitement for future projects.

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The Client

Cartier has been one of the world’s leading brands for luxury items since the mid 19th century. Headquartered in Paris, London and New York, the exclusive jewellery and watch maker include royalty and celebrities as their patrons.

The Challenge

Like all major brands, Cartier possess established and strict guidelines to which we had to adhere. These guidelines were also held in high international regard, and being a company that deals entirely with beautiful things, our challenge was to create something that matched that aesthetic.

Furthermore, the presentation would be multimedia. Cartier had completed several successful video campaigns during the preceding year, resulting in high-quality footage that needed to be shown off. These videos were of differing sizes and aspect ratios, having been used across different social platforms.

Cartier provided us with a rough deck of slides containing all the relevant content. Our primary task was to reorder the content, present it in the most engaging and impactful way, and beautify the deck.


Taking the lead from their existing style on their website and social media accounts, we began to map out the presentation. Cartier provided the exact images they wished to be included, but our designers created a new look and feel to how the slides appeared.

We designed a bespoke set of icons to use throughout the presentation, helping to better interpret the vital information. We also implemented ‘phased builds’ within each slide, presenting images, videos, and text in the most dynamic way possible.

Speaking of videos, it was necessary to edit and combined some of the presentation’s component clips. Conventional ‘horizontal’ footage was edited together smoothly, with a unifying music track overlayed. We also combined several vertical clips from Instagram, spinning a narrative about a gala event from disconnected clips of celebrities talking.

Finally, we added an innovative and useful interactive control element to the slides. A menu system at the beginning of the presentation meant the presenter could leap to a specific section without having to bypass other slides. This means the delivery of the deck can be more conversational and less linear.


The final presentation matches Cartier’s luxurious, high-brow aesthetic. It moves the story forward, highlighting past achievements, while pointing toward other potentially successful projects in the future.

The use of mixed-media keeps the audience engaged, and seemingly separate, unassociated clips and stills are unified by the design and style of each slide.

Implementing a non-linear menu system means the presentation can be different with each delivery. It allows the presenter to tailor their speech to the needs of the audience and focus in on what they specifically want to see.

What the client said

“The directorial team were blown away by the presentation. Our collective projects were amazing, but seeing them all gathered together in one deck, and shown off in such an innovative way, was incredible.”

“We’ve never presented with slides like these before. We’re massively impressed.”