Case Study: Future Anthem

The client was making a big pitch to one of their partners and wanted to demonstrate the findings from some of their initial reports. A lot of the reports came from data scientists and contained complicated data, which they needed to be presented clearly and in a way their audience would understand.

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The Client

Future Anthem provides technology, consulting and data products to help their clients navigate complex decisions to deliver better outcomes. Their gaming and data professionals bring a fresh approach to their dynamic industry.

The Challenge

The complexity of the data we were visualising and the length of the presentation meant we had to work especially hard to keep the audience engaged. As there were over 100 slides, maintaining the focus of the audience became a top priority.

We also needed to make everything easily editable for the client so they could build their own slides and make the most of the deck in the future.


Future Anthem needed this presentation to feel premium and wow the audience as part of the pitch, so we created a completely new design and introduced a number of features to enhance the deck. Using sleek animations and impactful design, we brought Future Anthem’s relatively new brand to life in the presentation world.

We ensured that the data Future Anthem provided was visualised to allow them to clearly show off their proposition to their audience.


We produced a new design, a new and innovative way of visualising their data, and really impactful slides that showed off Future Anthem’s products in their best light. The presentation deck contained lots of editable content so it could be reused time and time again.