Case Study: Hiscox

Insurance provider Hiscox required a new PowerPoint template that would allow them to create better tender documents. The template would replace their existing documents to give a more professional feel.

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The Client

Hiscox is an international specialist insurer that underwrites a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks. Hiscox UK has over 100 years’ experience in protecting businesses of all sizes.

The Challenge

For this project, we had a lot of information to visualise. We worked hard to ensure that each display of complex data was easy to digest and visually engaging, yet appropriate for a tender document. 

We also had to pay very close attention to detail as the document we created had to look premium enough to be printed into hard-backed books, while still looking engaging enough to stand alone. 

Lastly, we had to make sure the solution we created was very easy to use so Hiscox employees could adapt and edit the template for different purposes with ease.


Some of Hiscox’s tenders are worth millions of pounds to the business, but the documents they used felt quite homemade. We created a solution where those documents would look like they were each professionally designed, even though they were able to be produced in house. 

We transformed the flat and dated design into a well thought out template that pulls out key information, displays complex data clearly, and breaks walls of text up into concise and easy-to-read chunks.


We produced an A4 format PowerPoint template with a range of titles and dividers, and impactful front and back covers. We also created a separate deck full of visual elements that Hiscox could copy and paste into the main template when they came to design their own tenders.