Case Study: Digital Marketing World Forum

Our client was delivering a keynote speech at the Digital Marketing World Forum. His presentation was about the use of customer personas in marketing and he needed something to both show off his expertise in the field and to impress the forum delegates.

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The Client

Mitchell Feldman works in world-wide marketing for technology giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Prior to that he was the Chief Digital Officer for marketing company RedPixie which was acquired by HPE in 2018.

Mitchell is now a highly sought after speaker, delivering presentations and keynotes across the world. He is considered a leading expert in the digital marketing field.

The Challenge

There were several important things to consider when planning this presentation. First of all, Mitchell had some very complex data to show; numbers and graphs that might detract from Mitchell himself, and confuse the audience.

Furthermore, the client already had a deck of slides that he had been using previously. We were charged with integrating these older slides into the new combined deck, redesigning each one.

We also made the decision to match the colour scheme used by HPE, despite Mitchell not speaking on the firm’s behalf. We used images supplied by the client, and include animations and video backgrounds – again, without stealing attention from the presenter.


First we took Mitchell’s script and tried to condense and simplify the content as much as possible. Powerful, attention-grabbing slogans and sentences were pulled out, to be married with striking images and videos.

As content from the presentation was coming from more than one source, no templates were used in the design. Each and every slide is different, keeping an audience’s interest as the presentation advances. However, to ensure the slide deck as a whole appeared uniform, we looked to HPE.

The tech company’s branded colours were employed, be they used for filling text or as backgrounds. Filters were laid across images, or the colour was drained from them, to keep the deck consistent. The intention was to reinforce the notion that the speaker worked for HPE, but wasn’t currently presenting on their behalf.


The finished presentation certainly caused an impact at the forum. The audience responded well, and many were taking photos of the slides during the speech.

It looked great projected on a large screen, and the simplification of the data made it possible for even those at the far back of the room to clearly see – something not often achievable at similarly large conferences.

The slides were a perfect and effective support device to Michell’s impressive presentation. They matched with his level of expert delivery and the high expectations of his audience.

What the client said

“I was blown away by what you did with my presentation. I loved it and the audience clearly loved it, too.”

“Amazing slides! Thanks so much.”