Case Study: Modo25

As thought leaders in their industry, Modo25 give a lot of presentations. They therefore wanted a range of presentation assets that could cover everything from day to day internal presentations, to pitches, webinars, reporting templates and keynote speeches at high-profile exhibitions.

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The Client

Modo25 is a global marketing technology agency. Working closely with their clients, they offer marketing, training, data analysis and budgeting.

The Challenge

Modo25 is an organisation that already deals with great looking presentations. Our challenge was therefore to push ourselves to create something truly innovative and original, while tying in with their established branding.


We took Modo25’s brand guidelines, which were already impactful, and brought them further to life. We created a new design style for their presentations, incorporating lots of striking animation and data visualisation. We also produced impressive product slides, with lots of info about the Modo25 team, their background, and the charitable element of the business.


We produced a whole new suit of assets for the client. That included an impactful animation style, a massive and robust PowerPoint template, and a separate deck of assets they could use in other presentations.

Essentially we provided the expert credentials to allow Modo25 to pitch more effectively. We also worked with their IT team to allow them to use some of the more advanced functionality of Microsoft’s Sharepoint, which meant they could share and reuse slides for future projects.