Case Study: Pfützner

Pfützner approached us needing a powerful and direct presentation. The organisation was pitching for investment in a new product relating to the treatment of diabetes.

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The Client

Pfützner is a world-renowned health and science institute based in Germany. They carry out research into diabetes at the highest level, and offer professional guidance in strategy and performance of clinical investigations.

The Challenge

The subject matter of this presentation was extremely complex, so they required it to be presented in such a way to make it easy to understand, but in-depth enough to draw in potential investors.

With so much complicated data provided by the client, it was difficult to know what to use and what to leave out of the presentation. As a team, we used our experience and judgement to highlight the most relevant sections of data, and include that which would help investors see the very best potential in the new product.


We interpreted much of the complex data, which included medical and financial statistics, visually. Easy to read numbers and figures, and quick to absorb charts were implemented to great effect.

Choosing the correct imagery for the slide deck was also a challenge. Images needed to be appropriate to the seriousness of the topic being presented, while also engaging the audience and helping the narrative flow of the presentation.


The resulting presentation featured more than 50 impactful and informative slides. Matching Pfützner’s well-known brand, and showing off the new product as effectively as possible, the pitch presentation is engaging and thorough.