Case Study: West Ham

The client appointed us via a three-way pitch to design an impressive Global Partner Deck that outlines and promotes the club’s sponsorship properties. The deck was to be used in the sales process to highlight the global reputation of the club to external parties.

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The Client

West Ham United F.C. is one of the best-known Premier League football clubs. Off the pitch, they are also a successful business brand, offering lucrative sponsorship opportunities to other organisations.

The Challenge

With a brand as recognisable as West Ham, it was important to ensure the final presentation lived up to the club’s impressive reputation. We needed to design a presentation that portrayed the excitement and prestige associated with West Ham. 

It was also crucial to adhere closely to West Ham’s strict brand guidelines and ensure the style of the presentation worked with the iconic brand. We designed the entire deck around these guidelines and the colour palette to ensure the look and feel of the finished presentation was in line with the brand’s well-established image.


We designed this deck with the presenter in mind. We developed a customised menu system which would allow the speaker to dip in and out of different sections, giving them complete control over the direction of the presentation. This type of menu-driven deck is particularly useful for sales as the presentation can be adapted with ease to suit each audience. 

To ensure clarity in the presentation, we broke down the extensive copy provided and pulled out the key points to focus on for each slide. We created interesting infographics to display complex information in an engaging way and embraced West Ham’s iconic colour palette to draw attention to key statistics and headings. 

By keeping text on each slide to a minimum and utilising the extensive image library West Ham provided, we ensure the deck was both informative and visually engaging.


The final deck really impressed. The eye-catching presentation utilised striking imagery, unique infographics, bright brand colours and bold typography to demonstrate a large amount of information in a visually appealing way. 

The simple-to-use, customised menu made for an impressively versatile presentation, breaking the mould of traditional PowerPoint presentations. The ability to move between different areas of the deck gave the presenter ultimate control over the flow of the presentation. 

West Ham’s brand guidelines were carefully respected and its distinct image permeated throughout the deck. We pushed the limits of PowerPoint in this deck, showing West Ham a presentation unlike anything they had seen before.

What the client said

“Throughout the whole process, Lyndon and [his team] provided us with multiple creative designs to be spread out through the presentation, building new concepts that would be a great fit to our content as well as converting a very linear pitch into an interactive experience.”

“The entire team were pleased with the final presentation and now brings a level of excitement and pride to our pitches.”