Pricing to suit your budget and on-going needs

No two projects are the same. For us, there is no

And we know you want a partner that will mould around your needs and work flexibly in all areas – including pricing..

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There are no ‘packages’. We have no ‘Bronze, Silver & Gold’ options.

Instead, we’ll work hard to understand exactly what you need both on day 1 and looking forward.

You’ll get exactly the right solution at exactly the right price.

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Reassuringly premium – but cost-effective

You’re here because you want expert advice and incredible delivery. And we’re the best in the business. But being the best doesn’t have to mean being most expensive.

We’ve worked hard to cut out un-necessary layers of admin & people and we’ve developed processes to help make sure we get things right first time.

And that means you get the very best end result at a price that works.

Honest pricing

Our business is built on openness & transparency and that starts with our proposals.

There are no hidden fees, no phony charges for ‘project management’ and the price you see quoted is fixed and not an estimate.

If your needs don’t change, nor will our prices.

Modular & Phased

We structure our projects around a core/optimal/nice-to-have philosophy. And you can do as much or as little as you like at whatever pace you like.

We’re here for the long road and we’ll move at the pace that matches your needs and aspirations.

Discuss your project with us

The Package

Over time we’ve built a variety of options for our clients that include enhanced templates, asset decks, image banks,
icon sets, training systems and more. We’ll include exactly what you need in your modular proposal.

Alternatively, you can opt for what we call ‘THE Package’. It’s everything we do, all wrapped up into one project.
Kind of like if you died and woke up in PowerPoint heaven.

And by employing massive economies of scale, we deliver it at significantly less than the cost of buying everything separately.

On-going support

We don’t stop after the first presentation. We know that your needs will change over time. Your company story may evolve, products may change, and users may request more slides or layouts.

That’s why we’ll hold a review with you every quarter checking that what worked perfectly on day 1 still does the very best
job today.

And we’ll implement any changes you need as a one-off micro-project.

Focused on the road ahead

Do you know already that what you need today will be different tomorrow? Maybe you have a series of events on the horizon that you know you’ll need very best presentations for. Or perhaps you have a plan to continually roll-out new collateral month-by-month.

Our Flexible Support packages give you access to our team as you need it and include: 

– A fixed monthly payment to make budgeting easy
– Economies of scale baked-in – meaning you save money
– Dedicated account and creative leads
– Quarterly check-ins and idea sharing

We’ll even roll the up-front work to get you up & running into the monthly cost if that suits you best – meaning no bill on day 1.

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