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30 March 2020

Skip the bio

If you’re looking to make a real impression in your next presentation, skip the bio. Instead, […]

23 March 2020

Involve your audience

Giving a presentation is by no means easy, especially when you’re faced with yawning audiences and […]

16 March 2020

Storytelling in presentations

Who doesn’t love a good story? They draw us in, keep us engaged, and often leave […]

9 March 2020

Understand your audience’s brains

We explain why and how your slides should support you, not distract your audience. This is […]

2 March 2020

Keep your language simple

Sure, it might make you sound clever, but using difficult vocabulary in your presentation can lessen […]

24 February 2020

Keep to your allotted time

Don’t leave your audience anxiously watching the clock. We discuss why you should always keep to […]

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17 February 2020

Use better images in PowerPoint

Lose the cringey stock photos from your presentation and get creative. We explain why you should […]

28 November 2019

Hands in the air for Presentation Handouts

Why offering handouts to your audience will double your presentation’s impact. by Lyndon Nicholson Originally published […]

26 November 2019

Boost your presentation’s accessibility

Why accessibility in presentation design is important   By Lyndon Nicholson   Perfecting your script and […]