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ditch the presentation graphs
20 November 2019

Ditch the graphs and get to the point

Why including graphs and charts in your presentation can be a waste of time by Lyndon […]

Prevent going blank during a presentation
13 November 2019

How to prevent going blank during a Presentation

Here’s how you can overcome a mental block while giving a presentation It has to be […]

30 October 2019

Limiting slides in your presentation is a mistake

Your boss has asked you to create a ‘five slide presentation’. Here’s why you should push […]

17 October 2019

We helped former Apple CEO John Sculley give a rousing – and retro – TED Talk.

We helped former Apple CEO John Sculley give a rousing – and retro – TED Talk. […]

18 September 2019

Password protect your PowerPoint

Here’s how to add password protection to a sensitive PowerPoint presentation An amazing presentation demands to […]

30 August 2019

Using Social Media to Supercharge your Presentation

Incorporating social media into your presentation can add several new layers of professionalism. It’ll also keep […]

15 August 2019

5 Things to definitely do during a presentation

Cut through all the confusing online advice: make sure you DEFINITELY do these five simple things […]

9 August 2019

Presentation Speaker Notes – Getting them right

How your presentation speaker notes can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. “I’ll […]

26 July 2019

Client Presentations: How to pitch like a pro

Here are four things to seriously consider before pitching a presentation to a potential client. The […]