NEWS: Guy creates a PowerPoint inspired Tinder profile, wins the internet

We’re the first to admit that PowerPoint can be used for all manner of creative projects. However, we’ve never considered it could be used to find love. That is exactly what Southampton University student Rizal Sadeli did when he created a PowerPoint-inspired Tinder profile. Ladies, prepare to ‘swipe right’.

The Mechanical Engineering student decided to do more than the standard ‘awkward photos and limited information’ that most male Tinder members opt for. Rizal created a slide-by-slide presentation entitled ‘Why Swipe Right?’ Slides featured information designed to catch the eyes of potential partners, including a list of his hobbies (“Twitter banter and memes”) and even starred reviews from an ex-girlfriend and his mother (“One of my favourite children”).


PowerPoint Tinder profile first slide Why swipe right indeed? One student’s PowerPoint inspired attempt for love



Response to the PowerPoint-themed Tinder profile has been huge, sending Rizal’s plight to find a relationship viral. However, many users on Twitter mocked the student’s somewhat less than serious efforts. Fortunately the internet stepped in to defend him, catapulting him to instant fame, and increasing his twitter following to well over 10,000.


PowerPoint Tinder profile star ratings slide “Not bad for a first boyfriend” – 4 Stars


But has he found love? Well, that’s yet to happen for the creative young chap. However, we think we can all applaud his excellent use of a presentation to convey his message effectively (although we think his slides were a little too text-heavy – always the critics). But hey, we’re fans of using previous customer testimonials in a presentation, so those star-ratings and quotes are a nice touch. Plus, PowerPoint used as viral marketing for yourself, Tinder or not, is very 2019.


PowerPoint Tinder profile qualities slide ‘Can share tweets and funny memes with you’. We just swiped right

Still, if you think a PowerPoint presentation could help you, be it for a business presentation, or to find romance on the internet, we can help. We think. Actually, probably more the business part.

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