Pitch Deck


From static sorrow to dynamic delight, Augment’s decks got a Future Present facelift.

The Problem

If you’ve ever sat through a never-ending slide deck filled with bland bullets and static, snore-inducing visuals, or if you’ve ever actually nodded off during a presentation (it’s happened to us all, don’t worry), you’ll relate to Augment’s plight. Fluff-stuffed decks, with the richness of their offering hiding behind a wall of white noise.

Our Solution

We looked at Augment’s slides and said “less is more, scooter-lovers”. We cut the fluff, ditched the clutter and got down to business. Clean lines? Check. Clarified messaging? You betcha. Dynamic visuals and slick animations? Check check and checkedy check. No more yawning in the back rows on our watch.

The Outcome

What happened next? Augment’s presentations went from meh to marvellous. Streamlined, precise and energising – just like we promised they’d be. The audience was hooked, the presenters felt like rockstars, and Augment’s awesome brand was shining brighter than ever. That’s what we call a successful makeover.

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