Presentation Design


Global’s dull decks went from downright dreary to PowerPointedly popping.

The Problem

Global’s presentations were, to put it mildly, a snore-fest. No branding, mismatched fonts, copy colour and size all over the danged place, plus a wall of copy dense enough to put even the most heavily-caffeinated audience member to sleep. If presentations came equipped with a list of what not to do, Global’s decks would have ticked every box.

Our Solution

We rolled up our sleeves and gave Global a makeover. We transformed those boring visuals into a satisfying riot of delicately designed information. Static became stirring, cloudy became clear, and outdated became animated. We personalised it to fit Global’s youthful flair, ensuring their brilliant branding shone through every slide.

The Outcome

Global’s decks went from being a mishmash of bland elements into a unified, engaging and brand-centric presentation experience. Instead of a dull diatribe, their new decks feel like a collaborative conversation. Lively, interactive and downright fun to watch. We didn’t just fix Global’s presentations; we turned them into something special.

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