Complex data – simplified and energised. INEOS’s decks got the Future Present fuel injection.

The Problem

In the past, INEOS’s presentations were the presentation equivalent of watching magnolia paint dry. Downright dull, full of mismatched stock imagery and disparate chart styles. Narrativeless black text on blank white backgrounds were the norm. Not ideal. Standard, off-the-shelf fonts made the audience’s eyes glaze over. PowerPoint pandemonium.

Our Solution

Enter: Future Present (cape optional, creativity mandatory). We took one look at INEOS’s slides, took a sip of steaming hot PPT coffee and dove right in. We applied dynamic animation magic to those clunky, static charts. Those complex stats and busy maps? Streamlined and simplified. Next, we tackled those standard fonts, swapping out stale for sleek.

The Outcome

By infusing colour and style into the slides, we kept the visuals clean, upped the professionalism, and engaged the audience. The result was a transformation from monotonous to mesmerising, with complexity made into digestible and dynamic pieces that their audience love to chow down on. INEOS’s story, just as it was, but told with clarity and flair.

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