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Bink’s 90s slides fashion faux pas got a Future Present runway-worthy transformation.

The Problem

Oh boy. Bink’s original slides were stuck in a PowerPoint time capsule – with graphics swiped straight from the 90s. We’re talking off-the-shelf gradients, unbalanced visuals, and dense copy on every other slide. They had everything they needed, but it was all just a bit blah. No wonder Bink craved some of that sweet, sweet Future Present magic.

Our Solution

We saw the potential in Bink’s style, if only we could find the perfect way to facelift these slides. We said goodbye to those old-school gradients and cluttered visuals, and brought in a raft of subtle movement, simple animations, human-touch imagery. The copy was trimmed down and refined to focus on exactly what matters: the benefits.

The Outcome

Bink’s decks went from retro mishmash to modern elegance. Clean, engaging and narrative-driven, they hit every note they need to. Now, their audience don’t just watch the slides, they connect with them. Bink’s PowerPoint past? History. Today, they stand tall with decks as effective as they are elegant. All it took was a little Future Present mastery.

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