Presentation Design

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond’s presentations sailed from murky waters to clear, luxurious, whisky-clear smoothness.

The Problem

Loch Lomond’s decks were a cocktail of confusion: dense, muddled and missing the beautiful clarity that’s synonymous with the brand’s luxury whisky. Mixed fonts, inconsistent image style, and far too many of those classic PPT drop shadows about as outdated as prohibition. This was a presentation in desperate need of a drop of sophistication.

Our Solution

We went to work and uncorked our creativity. We cleared away the visual hangover that’d taken up residence across Loch Lomond’s decks, serving up dynamic, bold and elegant visuals that radiated the luxury of the brand. Bespoke, clear designs replaced the old-fashioned jumble, reflecting the smooth and refined essence of their distilled designs.

The Outcome

Loch Lomond’s decks became a smooth pour of their high-end sophistication. Instead of a chaotic blend of mismatched elements, we created a harmonious symphony that resonated like a well-aged malt. Those once dull and dense decks now shimmered with the elegance of the brand. Distilled, dynamic and downright delicious to sit through. Cheers to that, eh?

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