Fully Outsourced Presentations

O2 / Virgin Media

VMO2’s clunky chaos was transformed into fun, functional and flipping fantastic presentations.

The Problem

When they came to us, lots of VMO2’s slides were fun, sure. But they weren’t quite hitting the spot. Clunky design, so much on-slide text that it was headache-inducing to digest, full of complex diagrams. Their team, although tech-savvy, were presentationally challenged. They thought the whole shebang could do with an injection of creativity.

Our Solution

We were ready to flip the switch and light the way. With gentle curving lines to ease previously harsh transitions and clever designs that shone subtle spotlights on the presentation’s narrative. We designed a cast of colourful, on-brand custom characters and clarified visuals that made the presentation’s complex subject matter simple.

The Outcome

With our helping hand, VMO2’s slides shifted from clunky to cohesive, from boring to beautiful. We made the complex simple, the mundane magical and the dull dynamic. Custom characters injected life into the slides, making the entire deck resonate with VMO2’s branding. Mismatched mess, begone. Hello streamlined, storified slides.

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