Presentation Design


Puma’s brand roared to life with some clever Future Present tweaks and a big, bold approach.

The Problem

Puma had some incredibly strong branding to play with, but their message was muddled behind walls of super-dense copy. No title slides, no room for story, an unbecoming marriage of brand and non-brand colours and static slides more reminiscent of dozing housecats than leaping pumas. Their decks were jogging in place, but the brand was ready to sprint.

Our Solution

First, we decluttered those clogged up slides. Less is more, friends, especially when it comes to getting your point across. Next, we tackled the lack of title slides and catchy narrative, weaving subtle storytelling across dynamic decks. Finally we took charge of the colour scheme, reflecting the strength of the brand without losing out on their approachability.

The Outcome

Puma’s decks were transformed. No longer trapped in a branding quagmire but aligned with their strategic priorities – a harmonious blend of brand voice, colour and flair. The new decks became an extension of Puma’s innovative spirit. Engaging, memorable and on-point. Audience engagement went from polite nodding to enthusiastic participation.

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