Pitch Deck


Investment jargon was transformed into engaging dialogue; Vontobel hit the Future Present jackpot.

The Problem

Investments are all about growth, dividends and smart strategies. Sadly, Vontobel’s presentations had none of that. They were a poor investment, really. Awkward, dull and dreary and smothered by altogether too much text. Where was the passion? And don’t even get us started on the worried-looking cartoon people peppering the presentations.

Our Solution

We brought in our crack team – and oh boy did we buy low and sell high. We put the human touch into these decks. Real faces, real emotions, human-focussed. We herded the audience, clarifying copy, cutting jargon and infusing it all with a deep sense of passion and expertise that would make even the most stoic investor stand up and cheer.

The Outcome

Vontobel’s decks transformed from a risky gamble to a blue-chip investment. No more sleepy-eyed clients pretending to understand what’s going on; now, audiences are empowered, engaged and eager to jump into the world of investment. The transformation resonated with passion, clarity and the expertise only Vontobel can offer.

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